College Pro Painters has been following customer trends in the home painting services market.  In 2009, there was a sharp decline in home painting demand, therefore, the supply of home painting services suffered.   The recession followed many years of increasing home prices.


Part of what helped home value increase was maintaining your home, which included an excellent exterior paint job.  College Pro Painters helped homeowners preserve their homes and add value.   Since 2009, many people have delayed using home painting services.

college pro exterior painting

However, the use of services like College Pro Window Cleaning did not suffer because the average annual cost is low, and customers do not like getting on ladders to wash second-story windows.  The delay in using home painting services has potentially caused painting customers to lose additional value in their homes. In fact, it is predicted that in 2012, there be a strong demand because of this delay.  There is a big difference in how the paint job is viewed in 2012. Now, it is expected that home painting services will preserve the value, not add to it.  Value preservation is one of the main goals of home painting service companies such as College Pro Painters.


Another customer trend College Pro observed is that customers are staying in their homes for longer periods of time, and therefore spending money on the comfort, maintenance and aesthetic beauty of their homes.  With College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning, customers also get to give back to their community by supporting students and young entrepreneurs who may live right next door to them.  This supports another growing trend of moving away from doing business with big box stores and towards doing business with local businesses.


Since 1970, College Pro has helped young entrepreneurs start businesses in their home town or neighborhood to give jobs to other students.   It is rare to be able to help yourself and help the community. Choosing local young entrepreneurs for your home painting services is one way to do that.

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