exteriorWhether you decide to take on the large task of painting your home yourself or leave it to the professional painting company you hire to do the work, the exterior of your home must be painted at some time or another. The importance of home exterior painting is often overlooked and homeowners all too often neglect the chore. However, it should be noted a properly painted or a well kept home will yield a higher selling return and more curb appeal.

The Right Paint Adds Value

One of the main reasons homeowners shouldn’t neglect the exterior of their home is because the right paint can add value to a home. Whether the homeowner is trying to sell their home or not, painting the exterior can allow their home to be worth more. This automatically increases their real estate investment, which is a good thing whether you’re staying or selling. A freshly painted home has terrific curb appeal and in real estate, curb appeal translates to money. However, it’s important for homeowners to choose appropriate colors when painting the exterior of their home. They should choose colors with work well with their home’s structure, style, the general color scheme of their neighbors’ homes and their landscaping.

The Right Paint Adds Protection

Paint does more than make a home look pretty. In fact, it can be a great way to protect certain materials used to construct homes. For instance, wooden homes often need to be painted every few years to protect the wood construction from the regional natural elements. Sun, wind, water and temperature changes can damage wood. However, if the wood is painted properly, the paint can act as a protection film.

Overall, it’s important to paint the exterior of your home at least every five years. You should not only do this for maximum curb appeal and investment reasons, but also for the basic fact paint can protect your home’s construction from natural element damage. Those who are not up for the task can choose to hire professional painters to help them with the chore. Painting the exterior of the home can be quite a task and homeowners may feel grateful to have professional assistance with the painting project.

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