If you are like me, you need a little help determining when it is time to do maintenance projects on your home.  Some things are obvious:  if a pipe bursts, you better fix it.  If the roof is leaking, you better fix it.  If a window breaks… you get the point.  Determining when to complete other home improvement projects – like house painting – is not as obvious.

A good rule of thumb with house painting is to treat it proactively vs. reactively.  In my example above with the leaking roof, the best solution would have been to get a new roof well before the old one every started leaking.  At College Pro Painters – we treat house painting recommendations the same way – it is best to paint your home proactively, before it really looks like it needs it.

From the perspective of an industry veteran, here are 5 things you can look for to help determine whether it is time to paint your home:

1)      Are you sick of the color?  Many people re-paint their home every 4-6 years because they like the curb appeal of a fresh color of paint.  In my experience, up to 50% of our customers at College Pro Painters paint their homes to refresh the look.

2)      Do you see peeling paint?  The first places to look are on the window-sills or door-frames.  Peeling will usually start at the bottom, where water settles.  At College Pro Painters, we have found that the #1 cause of peeling paint is exterior moisture in wet/cold climates.  At the first sign of peeling paint, you should start the re-painting process.  Water-damage to wood can be expensive to repair if not taken care of right away.

3)      Has it been 8-10 years?  If so – it is probably time to paint.  Even if the home is in great shape, we recommend painting proactively (see paragraphs above) and the 8-10 year point is a great time to pro-act on upcoming maintenance.  Note – if your home is done with a semi-transparent or solid-color stain, you should re-coat every 5-7 years.

4)      Is the color fading?  For darker colors, you will notice a fade over time.  It is tougher to tell with lighter colors.  New technology in latex paints prevents fading from happening as quickly with dark colors too.  If you start noticing it, that is a sign that the paint is wearing down, and you should get a fresh coat.

5)      Do you have a deck or fence?  These items require maintenance more frequently.  At College Pro Painters, we recommend doing your deck every 2-3 years.  Some homeowners even re-stain their deck every summer with a water-seal.  As with peeling paint on the siding and trim, having exposed wood on your deck or fence can cause maintenance issues down the road.

We hope the tips above help you determine when it is best to paint your home.  If you would like a quote on exterior painting or staining, or would like us to come out and determine if you need to do it this summer or next summer, don’t hesitate to give College Pro Painters a call.



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