By: Rachel Lyda


I am not your stereotypical “type A” personality. I prefer organization, I like things a certain way, and I am constantly making lists. On the other hand, if things come up to disrupt my plans or the order of things in my life, by no means do I have a mental breakdown. The downside to this is I can become accustomed to avoiding the nitty-gritty details as long as I know everything is under control as a whole.


When it comes to being a franchisee at College Pro, paying attention to numbers is a daily necessity. Naturally, not being a math person, with the help of my General Manager, I had to quickly adapt to become one. Once I learned that numbers were not scary, but in fact an asset to running a tight and profitable business, I happily became best friends with my calculator. Before each week, I would do my best to add up the numbers for each day.  This meant the amount projected to produce, the amount in labor I would spend, the budgeted hours for each job, how much I would pay in royalties and overhead and, lastly, how much I would profit in the end.  Believe me, doing this was time consuming and energy draining. Some weeks it was the last thing I wanted to do after working 60-70 hours the week prior. But the weeks I did take that time to organize things financially and know exactly where every dollar was going were much lower stress.  This also played into a sound plan to hit my weekly goals.


College Pro - Do the MathAs an entrepreneur, College Pro has taught me the benefits of the work done ‘off the clock’, so to speak, and how that can be fundamental to building a strong business. To be honest, there were weeks I did not take the time to organize myself. That was my choice. What College Pro did was implement and provide me with the tools to be organized, financially savvy, and, in turn, a better business owner. Through applied practice and experience for two summers now, I know that the skills College Pro taught me will stick with me not only in managing personal finances better but also in the long run for my career.

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