By: Rachel Lyda, West Coast Franchisee


Conflict & Circumstance - Rising Above the Unexpected – Part IIThroughout the disappointments of my summer, in a much broader perspective, it was not without success. As a returning manager, I provided jobs for 3 employees, broke even and profited (even though it wasn’t what I had planned this time around) and satisfied over a hundred customers in one of the worst recessions of our time. I acknowledge and believe that there were mistakes made this summer on my part, but it has been a valuable and constructive learning process in many areas where I can improve in the future, not just with College Pro but also with my work ethic in general.

I have learned how to manage people and motivate them even when things do not go according to plan.

I have learned ways to become better organized and structure my time more efficiently.

I have learned how to maintain pride and ownership over something, even if it was not as profitable as I had hoped.

In conclusion, as a returner, and also as a last year franchisee, I am not leaving the company with a heavy heart. Despite the challenges I faced this year, I have been able to recognize some of my weaknesses and gain a better perspective on how to refine them into strengths. I have learned the importance of embracing transparency as a business owner, and being able to see through all areas of a business when it comes to assessing improvement. Although I will leave College Pro with some definite regrets and disappointments, I know that the accomplished end result is that of experienced growth that I can apply to my life, now, and after graduating.

I am thankful to College Pro for supplying me with this opportunity, and allowing me to take risks as an entrepreneur.  As a seasoned risk taker, I will reflect back on this period of life and know I lived it without fear, and was adaptable to obstacles and difficult circumstances that were thrown my way. I know I will be more equipped to face even more difficult seasons of conflict due to my College Pro experience, and that is something I will be forever grateful for.


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