Graduation often comes much quicker than we are expecting, so an important question to think about is what is going to differentiate you when you finish school and begin looking for a place to start your career.

Nowadays most students complete some form of post-secondary education, so you need something more than academics and extra-curricular activities to help you stand out from your peers.  At College Pro, we believe that one of the best things you can do to really help you stand out is get experience.  As you’re thinking about where you want to work for the summer, don’t just look for any old job where you can make some money.  Look for a summer internship that will give you some real experience that future employers will value.

Unfortunately, most summer internships available to students are not all that challenging and do not give students an opportunity to really learn, develop, and grow.  In College Pro, we provide students the opportunity to learn skills and do things in their summer that many may never get the opportunity to do in their lifetime.  In our summer internship, students learn how to lead and get the opportunity to hire and manage their own employees.  They get the opportunity to deal with the financial side of a business and build and manage a budget.  They get the opportunity to learn how to market a business and how to take care of a customer.  The skills that you learn at College Pro while running a business are endless.  They are skills that are not just important for someone who wants to go on to a career in business, but are skills that can be applied to many different fields and will show up in many facets of your life.  At College Pro you not only get to learn about these skills, but you get to actually execute them and gain real hands on experience.  This hands-on experience is what will really give you the competitive edge over your peers.  Imagine being able to say to a future employer, “I had my own business.  I hired my own employees.  I acquired and took care of my own customers. I was in charge of the financials…..”  The experience you gain and could speak about is endless.

So, if you are looking for a summer internship that will really differentiate you from the rest of your peers, I would recommend looking into running a business with College Pro.  You’ll gain experience that will give you that competitive edge and be a great launching pad for your future career.

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