It’s true, one summer can change your life forever; perhaps as profoundly as this first statement sounds, and maybe just as littler ripples throughout your future career.

The College Pro Painters Program is like the competitive sport of business as far as summer jobs are concerned.  Take what you know about athletics:  discipline, goals, training, coaching, leadership, team, and focus.  Now, roll this into a short-term, high yield summer job opportunity in business, and you have some characteristics of the College Pro Painters program.  It is a forum for young entrepreneurs to get into real business and see what they’re built for.

In the College Pro Painters program you enter a world of deep learning and accountability – which leads to development at a young age for most.  When you’re responsible for making the sales, selecting your team, delivering what you promise to customers AND making payroll, suddenly you’ve got the makings of a highly marketable skill set.  One year in the College Pro Painters program will set you apart from your peers; two or more years in the program and you’re looking at a summer job along the lines of a ‘real world MBA’.

Why this is so impactful is because it provides a broad skill set, at a young age.  In turn, this opens the door to significant opportunities.  Employers want skilled people who have had unique and challenging experiences.  Going through the College Pro Painters program is the proof that they have had some road testing.   The experience itself trumps results in the eyes of many recruiters.  I’ve heard recruiters say a number of times, ‘if they did College Pro, I know they can do this”.

Personally, my first summer in the College Pro Program turned into a decade of employment (to date) and development in over 5 different roles.  It was my first University summer job, and while it taught me some tough lessons along the way, it also helped me to understand what I was best suited for, which unfortunately wasn’t what I had picked to study in school.  What better lesson to learn in your early twenties than what you like, and what you are best at!

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