By: Rachel Lyda


If you are a high school graduate looking for a summer job that can work around your schedule before heading off for college, College Pro could be the right fit for you. Graduating high school is both an exciting and also terrifying time of life.  So I’m a high school graduate…Now what - College Pro SeattleThere is the liberating feeling of freedom, opportunity and endless doors for you to choose from. The hardest part is making the choice and being confident that it is indeed the right one. If you were anything like me, who took my time figuring out what I wanted to do at community college before I transferred to a university, College Pro was the perfect summer mediator in between semesters to help me gain real life business experience and also decipher what major I really wanted to go into. I was given the opportunity to sit down with a business professional, discuss my ambitions and goals and plan how I could apply them to running a residential window cleaning business. I doubt there are very many people who wake up and know that they want to be a professional window cleaner, but I know there are too many people who will never experience how a seemingly ordinary job can turn into one of the most rewarding experiences. For a high school graduate, here are the top five reasons why College Pro may be a beneficial opportunity for you:

1)    You have the ability to set your own goals and to start off as small or ambitious you want to.

2)    The time commitment is based around your schedule and you have the freedom to make your own decisions.

3)    College Pro prepares you for the rigorous atmosphere of college life and ultimately the work force.

4)    You can provide jobs for your friends who are looking for work.

5)    College Pro enables you to discover strengths you may not know you had and to harness vital skill sets you will use in various aspects of life.

Can you imagine any other business experience other than College Pro that bestows the title of business owner to you starting at the age of 18? If not, what is stopping you from learning more about College Pro today?

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