By: Rachel Lyda, College Pro Alumni

So, I’m a college graduate, now what - College Pro SeattleAs a college student, preparing to wrap up my undergraduate career in the upcoming months, I can speak from experience of the great deal of pressure that has suddenly been placed on my shoulders, that, now, after 17 odd years of education, it is finally my time to DO something. It is a hot topic of daily conversation as of late. I’ve spent a majority of my time trying to put together a plan in order to have something to say to appease the relentless questions pertaining to what I’m going to do with my degree.

Having changed my major one too many times before I finally settled on a field I was passionate about, I can testify to how College Pro positively helped me shape and refine skills that were developed during high school and my first couple years of college. While I did not have a clear idea of where I wanted to go in a career, in the meantime, College Pro provided me with employment in a struggling job market and helped me save up money for my consecutive year of schooling. On top of this, I was then able to provide up to three summer jobs for students whohad a hard time finding work elsewhere, and, ultimately, provided a service for my community that may not have been available to them before at such a competitive price.

For the college graduate who is looking of work to help them transition into the full time work force, College Pro is the perfect option. With payment of school loans coming into full affect, why not dig in your heels, gain some valuable business experience, and add skills to your resume, all while getting rid of debt? The journey doesn’t necessarily start and end with College Pro at just being a franchisee. College Pro is a company that is a firm believer in finding good people, treating them right and placing them into opportunities that are the best fit. Whether that fit is a promotion within the company or through another affiliated company, College Pro has your best interests at heart. The only question left is, do you?


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