Are you looking to build your resume?  Are you interested in having a fun summer while you do it?  College Pro may be just the place for you do both.

As a sophomore at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, I began looking into jobs for college students.  I was underwhelmed by the opportunities as I was looking to invest my time into something meaningful that would help me gain real skills, not just add bullets to my resume.  One day when I returned from class, I found a flyer under my door from College Pro.  It said “The most fun you’ve ever had building your resume- College Pro.”  I immediately became interested and soon my thoughts about jobs for college students changed.

I interviewed with College Pro and was offered the opportunity to run my own business.  That summer was the best I have ever had.  With College Pro, I employed 9 students, who all became good friends of mine, and was able to run all aspects of my own house painting company.  College Pro provided me with all of the training that I needed to be successful, and away I went.  As a College Pro manager, the days just flew by and it was the first time that I did not feel like I was working because I was having so much fun doing my job.  My crews and I transformed the exteriors of 45 homes that summer, built strong relationships, and my resume was FULL of outstanding real life experiences.

I was looking for something different and College Pro was my answer.  How many jobs for college students leave them saying “that was the best summer of my life?”  If you are looking for that kind of summer, College Pro may be your answer.  10 years later, I still remember the things that I learned that summer as a College Pro Manager and it has transformed my career and the trajectory of my life.  It may have been just a painting business, but to me it was my opportunity to show the world what I was capable of.  My summer with College Pro really was the most fun I have ever had building my resume!


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