By: Rachel Lyda, College Pro Alumni

Your College Pro journey can begin today, from anywhere

My journey with College Pro began in the most unexpected and unlikely way. Days before I left for a three-month study abroad trip, I discovered College Pro while searching opportunities to earn business internship credit over the summer. I was so impressed from a single conversation over the phone with one of the General Managers from the Washington office that I set up an informational interview the day before my departure. During the interview, I was assured that I would be able to be well informed and trained to run my business upon my return from Germany. And they were right! Even through the College Pro interview process, I could feel the genuine and authentic interest in my future from the General Manager interviewing me…even over Skype! After I was hired, I was a little nervous that it would be a challenge to feel adequately prepared and to be brought up to speed in comparison to other managers in my area who were experiencing training firsthand. However, College Pro surprised me yet again with how attentive my General Manager was while I was abroad and how available he was to me. I never felt like I couldn’t approach him with a question or that any question was an unimportant one. Due to this first initial experience after I was hired, I gained more confidence, trust and anticipation for being a business owner than I ever would have.

Through this experience, College Pro prepared me for the unpredictable and sometimes risky atmosphere of the business world. It taught me to embrace change, adapt to challenging circumstances, learn from mistakes and take ownership of something that most twenty–year–olds would not have the opportunity to. Whether you are at college out of state from your hometown or studying abroad like I was, you can count on College Pro to be supportive of your circumstances, proactive to giving you every resource you need and to maintain a great support system from a group of experienced entrepreneurs and avid business men and women. If you could have access to such a life changing opportunity from anywhere, why wait?


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